If you have not had a chance, take a look at work being conducted with the World Health Organization on Transformative Education for Health Professionals with IPE as one of its six themes.     

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All Together Better Health IX is in the planning stages for Auckland, New Zealand in 2018. The academic programme will be held in the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Every two years the ATBH conference provides an opportunity for participants to discuss ideas and devise and test strategies to mobilise concerted action to improve health and well being for individuals, families and communities across the world. ATBH is driven by the conviction that concerted action to improve working together will effect change, enhance quality of care, ensure safety, and optimise deployment of human resources.

The Manipal University and the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for designing and developing inter-professional initiatives. John H.V. Gilbert, founding director of CIHC, lauded the efforts of Manipal University for being the pioneer in the field of inter-professional education in the region. He commended Manipal University for its vision to develop the FAIMER International Institute for Inter-professional education and practice (MUFIILIPE).

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Sep 6 to Sep 8, 2017
Ecole La Source (Avenue Vinet, Lausanne) in Lausanne, Switzerland

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