The National Health Sciences Students’ Association is CIHC’s strongest link to the student community. NaHSSA seeks to actively involve Canada’s health and human service students in interprofessional education while promoting the attitudes, skills and behaviours necessary to provide collaborative patient-centred care. By increasing health and human service students’ awareness for the health professionals around them and leading interprofessional student projects, NaHSSA is improving the current and future health of all Canadians.


"Teams can benefit patients if they are working well. If the team is not working well it can also affect the patient. I’m much more aware of how I will want to practice in the future – as part of a team." - Health Sciences Student, Manitoba

NaHSSA objectives include:

  1. Promoting interprofessional education for collaborative patient-centred practice
  2. Facilitating opportunities for interprofessional interaction
  3. Fostering student champions to lead interprofessional efforts now and in the future



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